Palau Liveaboard Diving

Palau liveaboard diving is consistently chosen as the world’s premiere diving destination by several international diving publications, Palau features enchanting topside topography as well as breathtaking underwater landscapes. Experience big fish action at the Blue corner and New drop off. Shafts of light cutting through deep shadows create a near-religious experience at the Blue holes, German channel, Chandelier cave, Pelieu, Siaes tunnel, Ulong channel, Wrecks and many more Palau offers some of the most unique holiday possibilities: its natural beauty and untouched wilderness, intact culture, remoteness and stability combine to offer a fantastic destination for adventure seekers.

It is located between Guam, the Philippines and Papua New Guinea. Palau is a 400-mile long archipelago, which hosts one of the world’s most unique phenomena - “ Rock Island”. These mushroom like islets are uninhabited and located in a large lagoon that has a vast concentration of corals, fish and other marine life. White sand beaches, lush jungle and remote waterfalls are just among the highlights of Palau.

The islands of Micronesia are scattered over three million square miles of the North Pacific. Palau is the Pacific’s newest nation, a Mecca for divers and home of the exquisite Jellyfish Lake. The Republic of Palau lies east of the Philippines and comprises of some 350 islands. They are grouped in six clusters stretching to 400miles from North to South, Kayangel Atoll to Tobi Islands.

Palau is world renowned as an unsurpassed dive destination that also offers the sublime Rock Islands, dramatic waterfalls, pristine white sand beaches and some of the most intriguing native flora and fauna found anywhere in the Pacific Ocean. Explore the beauty of Palau with the Big Blue explorer.

Palau has been described as one of the Seven Underwater Wonders of the World, with 700 species of coral and 1,200 species of identified fish. Palau provides some of the best diving to be found in Micronesia and ideally is suited for advanced divers.

The spectacular walls along the barrier reef, including such favorites as Blue Corner, Ulong Channel, Big drop-off and many other sensational offer dive sites yet to be charted. You can expect mostly wall and drift diving with visibility ranging from 20m / 70 feet to 50m / 150 feet depending on prevailing conditions.